How it works :


Step One: Say Hello

Tell me about yourself and your space(s) and let me know what your hopes and dreams are by filling out this questionnaire.

E-Design Questionnaire

Step Two: Photos + Measurements

After deciding which rooms, send detailed photos of space(s) from multiple angles, along with measurements ( including dimensions of pieces in rooms you would like to keep ). Don't worry, you'll do great!

Step Three: Wait Patiently

Once I have received all information; Allow me 30 days to present to you ways to completely refresh your space(s). I will source and suggest furniture, fabric, colours, accessories, etc. Along with concept drawings, e sample broads, floor plans, and instructions on how to implement everything.

Step Four: Get to work!

Get to work! Now you've got everything you need to feel confident that your doing all the right things. Enjoy the process.

"Don't judge a chair by its cover, just choose a different fabric" , Unknown