Home Staging

It is not easy when your home is on the market. So why not aim for the shortest time possible, AND get the most money for your home!

Hiring a professional home stager will help determine what can be done to your home to ensure you receive the highest return. At KODAinteriors we know how to highlight the positive features and minimize any negative...erm...quirks. We take the buyers perspective and create a home worth buying.

KODAinteriors offers both occupied and vacant home staging. Either option starts with a consultation where an assessment will be done of the home, and a game plan will be implemented.

Most buyers make up their mind within minutes of entering a property. The goal is to have potential buyers see your property as their future home.



Benefits to Staging your home:

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"Decorating is like music. Harmony is what we constantly strive for. At home we want a peaceful atmosphere, where the objects are notes and nothing is off key" , Charlotte Moss